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About Yellowstone Yoga


Join me! Learn to live simply and de-stress!

Do you want to feel more nourished?  Do you want to feel more relaxed?  Would you rather...instead of always leaning in...would you like to lean out?  Theresa is committed to seeking  the better part of ourselves.   She is sincere about guiding you to a life of joy and happiness.  Theresa shares simple,  easy techniques to be practiced regularly to bring the higher vibrations of peace, joy, love, and wisdom to your daily life. It is simple and super easy!


Always looking for a way to serve the community!

Currently Theresa is working on a project providing yoga to under-served populations.  Studies show that yoga decreases the recidivism rate of convicts returning to incarceration.  She is part of a group that offers meditation to the inmates at Montana State Prison.  She is grateful for the opportunity to make our communities a safer place.


Yoga and Meditation Allows us to Feel Connected to Something Bigger than Ourselves

Theresa currently resides in Helena, Montana.  She found her way in 2005, to Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Bozeman. She started teaching yoga as soon as she received her yoga certification.

In 2012, Theresa and her husband moved to Casper, Wyoming. In Casper she owned a yoga studio. She  started free, weekly yoga classes for Veterans, which quickly became popular. She has worked closely with Give Back Yoga; raising funds for 1st responders, Veteran groups, and other service organizations.

Theresa leads a winter yoga/meditation retreat  every winter, creating memories, bonding with others, and forging new friendships.

You can find Theresa these days waking up early to greet the sun, practicing meditation, yoga, and an Ayurvedic lifestyle.  She is intent on balancing the 5 great elements; earth, fire, water, air and ether, so  she can share the beauty, peace, love, and joy, that these ancient wisdom traditions have to offer.